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DrawBridge Sketches

2.99 usd

What do you get when you cross a pencil, a blank sheet of paper and a tablet? Try an app that's literally changing the way kids interact with technology. Welcome to DrawBridge Sketches, the revolutionary new Spinlight Studio app that lets you make real drawings in a whole new way. DrawBridge Sketches comes with over 400 stencils, as well as the awesome DrawBridge Photo Pack, which turns any picture in your photo library into a DrawBridge stencil.
Download DrawBridge Sketches today! And turn your tablet into a portable art studio, perfect for the pint-sized Picasso.
Tactile Experience DrawBridge Sketches turns digital play into a tactile experience. Using pencil and paper, you can create real, physical art on your tablet, then take your art further using traditional mediums like marker or pen and ink.
Open-Ended Design With DrawBridge Sketches there are no rules, just a fun set of tools that lets you create anything you can imagine. Use DrawBridge Sketches to explore art concepts, complete a class assignment or make great wall art for your room. The options are literally endless.
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DrawBridge Sketches contains: No third-party ads No social network links No easy web access